Solution Introduction

The key for the success of any organization are the efforts put in by its employees. They are motivated by the HR, the most valuable assets of a company. HRMIS is one of kind software designed for HR personnel and does the task of managing the functions of an organization. It is developed to meet all the professional needs of an HR. The HRMIS solution of Luminous Infoways is very easy to use and provides all features including; direct access to Human Resource (HR) information in support of operational activities, via client-server technology or intranet/Internet technology. It has the capability to be used in many organizations or branches at the same time, each with its own rights & users. It is an integrated web based system comprising employee profile information and payroll system. It consists of typical HR integrated modules which helps the HR personnel in every dimension.

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  • 1. Affordable and User friendly
  • 2. It is web based system and can also be linked to GIS
  • 3. This is a portable solution for all types of Organization and can be customized as per the requirements
  • 4. Independent platform with user compatibility
  • 5. Better search option for retrival of information from the database
  • 6. Low maintenance
  • 1. Employee information management
  • 2. Payroll management
  • 3. Documents and Archiving
  • 4. Employee performance monitoring
  • 5. Payslip generation
  • 6. Statutory obligation handling
  • 7. Recruitment Management
  • 1. Maintain the detail employee information in the automated system for better HR management.
  • 2. Simplification and acceleration of HR management process, improvement of its quality via automation of the routine objectives and activities.
  • 3. Generation of standard analytical reports related to the saved information
  • 4. Uploading and handling of various files and at the same time provides printing of the documents prepared within the program
  • 5. E-files of the employees
  • 6. The rating of employees can be done on a number of factors like regularity, profits earned for the company, dedication, by the means of HRMIS
  • 7. HRMIS helps to streamline the processes by keeping apt records of the employees. It also helps in improved decision making capabilities regarding a number of frontiers faced by an HR
  • 8. Other benefits of HRMIS include the efficiency in time for payrolls, accuracy for the same, reduced paperwork, dynamic and real time information etc.
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Applicable Sectors

Applicable to all kind of Organizations having HR Wing.