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“Make My Report” is a reporting tool developed for creating dynamic reports. This is a quick & easy tool for creation of dynamic reports, assigning to ground office users to gather instant information on specific requirement & compilation of reports received from ground offices. The admin can add contacts to gather information from them on time to time basis, create desired report format as per the requirement. Then admin can select contacts to assign the report format from which the data need to be received. Now all ground contacts will be able to log in by the assigned user id & password through their Android device/Smart phones and need to fill up the assigned report format and submit the same to admin and this will auto compile and gives consolidated information to admin.

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The application has facilities of creating multiple users and multiple user defined reports. The reports can be assigned to the executive or users by administrators for data compilation and retrieval from the concerned person. The executives or users need to fill up in the assigned report by specifying the details as per admin requirement. The administrators can get instant reports from executives or from ground users to satisfy the immediate business requirement.
Make My Report, is a highly powerful web based reporting tool to computerize the reporting process & monitor small, mid-sized and large projects, events, activities, Corporate Social Responsibility activities, etc and all the reports which can be associated with all the above activities.
  • 1. It ensures Inter & Intra connectivity with an open communication & data collection channels for all offices/ works/ store/ warehouses by using the advantages of latest technology
  • 2. Helps the organizations to collect the data from the ground level offices at any point of time
  • 3. Moreover, such datasets readily available at administrator demand on click of button
  • 1. Collect the data from the ground level offices at any point of time
  • 2. Organize the reporting process into a structured manner
  • 3. Easy to use- It allows their user to keep their hands on the choice of different types of report formatting
  • 4. Accessible from anywhere- It can be accessed through Android device/Smart Phone
  • 5. Unique data management platform- Controlling information is essential in helping an organization to make the correct decisions
  • 6. is a web-based multi-user and multi-profile reporting software enabling all your data from various sources to be brought together easily on one single platform
Almost every Organization or individual faces challenge in gathering data from its own or subordinate offices or associates within a stipulated timeline. Moreover organizations need a tool which can actually help them to gather reports from internal or external entities without any difficulty.
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Applicable Sectors

1. Large Corporates
2. Government
3. Private Organizations