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Prison MIS 


Prison Management Information System is an end to end automation system which is managing all the processes
starting from admission, sentence, medical, court attendance to discharge process. The system is integrated with
Biometric & HRMIS systems.

Overall Functions & Services of PMIS

PMIS will cover all functions/services within the prisoner administration system including but not limited to the following functions: –

  • Admission of prisoners, this involves transfers, re-admit after bail, Escape & recapture processes.
  • Discharge and exit management from Custody. This includes death, escapes, executions and normal releases.
  • Sentence Administration and Management. This includes calculation of remission, human right issues.
  • Classification of prisoners and progressive stage system. This includes inmate education and rehabilitation programs
  • Earning scheme and gratuity. This involves earning rates, working parties details
  • Prison Station Management. This includes deployments, shifts, occurrences and incidents, Gate management.
  • Prisoners Property Management. This involves management of both physical property and cash that belongs to the prisoners
  • Court attendance and scheduling as well as case status (workflow tracking);
  • Prisoner disciplinary records this includes Inmate Case/Crime Records, including Sentences and Time Served
  • Workflow management including approval process for all typical process.
  • User wise dashboard & module wise hundreds of reports



  • Admission
  • Sentence Management
  • Court attendance
  • Property
  • Earning
  • Reports & Documents
  • Stage
  • Discipline
  • Station
  • Medical
  • Gate Management
  • Transfer Management
  • Discharge
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Biometric
  • Administration


Critical Features:

  • Complete Automated Sentence calculation
  • Automated Court Attendance System
  • Appeal ,Court Attendance and Sentence¬†integration
  • Biometric integration in Admission, Gate pass, Property and Discharge process
  • Automatic Lockup management
  • Auto occurrence book management
  • Automatic Transfer and Lodger management
  • Escape and recapture Management
  • Station wise and prisoner wise property management
  • Release on Bail and re-admit process
  • Integration of stage, discipline, earning and sentence modules


Benefits of the System

  • Integrated Application for complete automation of the prison system supports multiple prison stations management.
  • Workflow driven with Multi level approval and security with notification & Alert for all Processes
  • User wise dashboard & reports
  • Automatic sentence calculation, lockup management, gate management, Transfer & lodger process.