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Programme Tracker 


Programme Tracker is a Program Management System used for planning, organizing, and managing the program with different aspects. Depending on the sophistication of the Program Management System, the Programme Tracker is an online system for both working & collaboration of the programme. Managing a Program involves tracking and follow-up of various activities. We have to determine Program tasks, create a schedule, assign resources, identify and track issues and risks associate with the programme execution. It’s just the tip of an iceberg; as a Program manager, you are responsible for the overall success of the Program.


  • Estimation activities
  • Scheduling
  • Cost control and budget management
  • Resource allocation
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Change control
  • Decision-making and managing



  • Better Efficiency in Delivering Services
  • Improved / Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Effectiveness in Delivering Services
  • Improved Growth and Development Within your Team
  • Greater Standing and Competitive Edge
  • Opportunities to Expand your Services
  • Better Flexibility
  • Increased Risk Assessment
  • Increase in Quality & Quantity