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With a credential of successful implementation of RTI across the state of Odisha, Luminous Infoways launches RTI Online, A Comprehensive IT product to help Organization and its officer to automate RTI, by using technology. RTI Online automates the RTI provisions of the Organization as by the mandatory provisions of RTI Act, 2005 and provides a very user friendly platform to the PIO and FAAs by which they operate the Office of the PIO & FAA in an electronic mode. Organization has option to choose take Citizen Interface or it may be limited to the use in the office.

The system facilitates the Public Information Officer (PIO) to publish, update the proactive disclosure and to manage the RTI applications regularly. It can generate the Annual Report under section 25 of the Act for the Organization. Through this tool the PIO will be able to receive the RTI application, process the same and also dispose the information to Citizen/Employees. This is a single point information base of all Public Authorities and uniform presentation of information through prescribed manual. The system is very useful for State Government, Central Government, Corporates & PSUs, NGOs and small offices.

Product features are as follows,

RTI Online App (Standard)

  • Submit RTI Application & Appeal through online for the citizen.
  • Management of RTI Application.
  • Online Payment gateway integration for the online payment of RTI Application fees.
  • Real time checking of RTI Application / Appeal Status.
  • Login Panel for the Public Authority, PIO, FAA
  • RTI Appeals
  • Nodal Department & for the Information Commission.
  • Management of RTI appeals
  • Auto generate of RTI Information Register / Cash Register / Appeal Register for smooth of work operation.
  • Organizational dashboard


RTI Online App (Enterprise)

  • System can accommodate multiple organization
  • Custom Search option to find a single Public Authority from the all.
  • The Enterprise Dashboard shows the total implementation status in terms of publication of disclosure, RTI Application management , citizen visits & response handling.
  • Departmental Dash Board to know the RTI Application Status & the Proactive disclosure Information status of the Subordinate offices in an analytical method.
  • With the Log in panel the Public Authority can manage their PIO details along with their office profile independently.
  • Online Transfer of RTI application outside the office and online forward of RTI Application in the office.
  • Integration of SMS & e-mail for the real-time instant alert for the Public Authority as well as for the citizen also at every step of application / appeal progress.


Citizen Interface

  • Web CMS to add/edit Proactive Disclosure against his Office as by section 4.1.(b) of RTI Act, 2005.
  • Facility for the citizen to place his opinions against the Published proactive disclosure, which in later may place at the portal after due approval from the Public Authority for the information of the public.
  • Can apply Online and receive the response online.


Organizational can choose to have the standard version, while Organization having multiple offices may need Enterprise version. Citizen interface is the optional choice of the Organization.