Use of ICT in the governance process provides access of information and services to the citizens and thus encourages the participation of citizens in the administrative process. It works as the key of good governance by offering an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent administrative system. For the developing countries, use of ICT is ideal for resolving the issue of corruption, over workload on the stuff and malfunctioning of the administrative system. Since ICT-based services are quick and accurate in nature, it can bring more flexibility to the entire governance process. However, for the successful implementation of ICT, the governments of developing countries must have to ensure the presence and availability of proper physical infrastructures, skilled manpower and resources. According to the capability and on the basis of availability of resources, every country of today’s world can bear the expenses of ICT based services for the prosperity and well being of their citizens. Being the champion of e-governance solution provider, Luminous Infoways offers four major types of interactions like Government to Government (G2G), Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Businesses (G2B) and Government to Employees (G2E).

Our Products:
  • RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism
  • Project Monitoring System
  • Smart Files
  • Assembly Q&A Management System
  • Holding Tax Automation System
  • Prison Management System (PMS)
  • E-Bloodbank
  • Land Acquisition System
  • Court Case Management System
  • Advertisement Management System