Assembly Q&A Management System


Assembly Question Answer Archival Management System is a web-based solution that keeps track of various questions asked in the State Legislative Assembly by its members (MLAs). These questions through Assembly Secretariat or other government bodies come to the department(s) for reply. The system maintains unique question number, session number, year, names of the members, dates, reference letters, etc and also their reply by the department. The module extends facilities to send the question to one or more people responsible for sending answers to the queries. The replies can also be received from multiple people and the combined information can then be collated in the module for the final and compiled reply from the department. The questions and their replies are maintained year wise and session wise. The archival of questions and their responses can be maintained in this module which has different access possible based on the role. Apart from admin dashboard, role-wise dashboards are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Mapping of questions/answers (MLA-wise, constituency-wise, session-wise etc)
  • Digitization of Assembly questions and answers in a single platform
  • Easy to prepare answers for all questions
  • Dashboard facility for every user
  • Keyword search & retrieve mechanism for easy access
  • Analytics, monitoring and reports
  • Ensures data security
  • Integration with any other 3rd party application

Process Flow of Application

Success Stories: Successfully implemented at Public Works Department (PWD), Odisha

Applicable Sectors: Government establishments.