Cultural Troupe Management System for Culture Department of Govt. of Odisha

The Department of Culture looks forward for the systematic and comprehensive  promotion in the field of art and culture in the State and the Department. CTMS elaborates & provides a clear picture for all details of intends to be a repository of all cultural activities with deputation of respective cultural troupe to the respective organization with access to relevant stakeholders which fulfils the requirement. This web application is designed to provide facilities for online registration of troupes and requesting agencies. Registered Requesting Agencies can apply to the OLL & C Department for the deployment of troops in various categories like dance, music, and art forms. Such a request will be processed online in the department and the relevant troupe will be assigned for the said program. The troupe, after a successful performance, can submit the invoice along with the programme details to the Department for processing of payment. The requesting agencies will also have facilities to share their feedback, based on which department will process the payment for the troupes.

Automation of Fire Safety Certificate for DG Fire Services under Home Dept. (OCAC)

“Online Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate System” is an end to end web based system to regulate all the operation required to generate and issue of different Fire safety Certificate. The application will have provision for citizen to register & apply on line and department user can verify the application & can schedule for inspection and manage the other processes to generate & issue all fire safety certificates as per the requirement. The system has also provision for department user to send application for compliance and applicant user can reply the compliance online. The solution is integrated with payment gateway so that user can make online payment during apply. The solution will have the admin panel for master creation, user creation, privilege allocation, and password generation and approval process. The admin can also forward or reject any application and can view the all reports & analytics generated through this system.


  • Fire safety Recommendation
  • Fire Safety Certificates
  • Renewal for Fire Safety Certificates
  • Fire Safety Certificates for Existing Building
  • Fire safety Recommendation for Temporary Structure
  • Fire Safety Certificates for  Temporary Structure
  • Copy of Fire Report
  • Fire Incident Certificate For Insured Premises
  • Fire Incident Certificate For UnInsured Premises

Integrated Project Management System for Rourkela Steel Plant, SAIL

Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) to monitor the project from proposal initiation stage to closure of contracts which includes Inspection of Projects, Hindrances and captures project related Communications. The objectivity of this application to focus here is to monitor & evaluate the Projects implemented. This application mainly focuses to monitor the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural projects. The IPMS will be able to generate Reports as per the requirements of various Review Committees for Ongoing and completed projects. This software system will be online IPMS for any Project going with Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP). The features are like;

  • User Management
  • Master Configuration Setup
  • Purchase Requisition, Tender, BID & Evaluation.
  • Order Placement Process
  • Project Execution
  • Project Finance & Accounts
  • Project Planning & Monitoring System
  • Inspection Section
  • Hindrance Registration
  • Physical & Financial Progress
  • Mobile App for Inspection
  • MIS Reports
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • RA Bill & Advance RA Bill
  • Payment Details of Client & Contractor
  • EoT & Deviation

e-Nirman : Online Project Monitoring System for Public Works Department of Govt. of Odisha

Web based e-Nirman Project Monitoring System to monitor physical & financial status of all the projects running under the PWD department, Govt. of Odisha, throughout the State. The system is helpful in keeping EE, SE, CE, EIC, Govt. & Financial Dept in one office zone irrespective of the locations. Tracking the cause of delay in project completion at any level and Live tracker for project status at anytime throughout the year. Features include comparison & analysis on target & actual on financial & physical components. The system has control panel & Dashboard to the entire stakeholder. The system tracks through the features of e-Nirman by encompassing the delaying of the different works running under e-Nirman. The broad prospective achieved in e-Nirman which enables the degrading steps at request for E.O.T, request for ERAA, Reason of delay, work in delay. The highest authority can track those details to the high end acknowledgment and keep a secure database of all this information. The system helps various authorities to find out the delay parameter along with possible remedies in which system will provide the decision to authority for taking steps for concern work.

Online Timber Transit Permit System for Odisha State Forest Department

The Online Timber Transit Permit System (OTTPS) is a web-based application that enables the citizens and the institutions to apply for Timber Transit Permit online. The effectiveness of the application is to facilitate the desired applicant to apply for the service online rather than physically going to the respective Department office several times. It is an easier and compelling method to avail the permits. This system allows the forest department to monitor and access all the activities of timber transit permit system. The applicant can easily track his/ her application status at any point in time.

RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism for I & PR Department of Govt. of Odisha

The Information & Public Relations Department, Government of Orissa is the Nodal Department in implementing RTI in Orissa. The nodal Department was facing high challenges in implementing the RTI Act 2005, which is a Statutory Act. Luminous Infoways, as the implementation partner for RTI, has developed this innovative mechanism to ease out the difficulties of the nodal Department. RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism is developed with an aim to keep an eye on the implementation of the RTI throughout the State of Orissa. It is a complete Central Monitoring mechanism where there was a robust monitoring mechanism in place to track the implementation. It is a Search-based Complete Management Information System to keep track of all the disclosures, online case records, and E-filing reports. This initiative is implemented in Orissa since last June 2009 and has covered about 3,000 Public authorities so far. RTI Central Monitoring Mechanism is noticed by many circles and it has won awards and recognition including high acclaims from the World Bank.

Booking Application for Jharkhand Film Corporation Ltd.

Jharkhand Film Development Corporation Limited is a dedicated body incorporated under the Companies Act for effective implementation of the provisions of Jharkhand Film policy, 2015. JFDCL has a single window film facilitation cell named SIWCOF (Single Window Committee for Films) which facilitates film making by giving timely shooting approvals / permissions and ensures that film shooting takes place smoothly. This committee also makes recommendations regarding approval / disapproval of films for subsidy and also the quantum of subsidy. In addition to the above committee JFDCL has also constituted FIDCOJ (Film Development Council of Jharkhand) which has been given the mandate of advising JFDCL on long term strategies for development of Films in Jharkhand, Advise the government about the creation and strengthening of essential infrastructure for development of film, Prepare strategies to attract investment in film sector, Monitor implementation of film policy and advise on any matter referred to it. In addition to the film policy, JFDCL has prepared and approved guidelines with a view to facilitate film shooting in the state.

Web Portal of Jammu & Kashmir Film Development Council

The project of Jammu & Kashmir film development council is a project of registration of producers who can register for permits for shooting in Jammu & Kashmir. Here you can see the scenic beauty of Jammu & Kashmir through the location directory available in the site and book the location for shooting. Talents of Jammu & Kashmir can also register themselves and get showcased in the site and popularize themselves to film makers to get opportunity.

Prison Management Information Systems

The elementary objective of the application is to provide end to end solution for prison administration and management. Which includes admission of the prisoner, activities inside the prison, discharge of Prisoner and aftercare Services.

The system is integrated with Biometric & HRMIS systems. It can be automated in multiple prison stations across the country. It ensures secure storage, analysis and management of all data relating to Prisoners to support easier management of the complete process. The Prison management system is done for Uganda Prison, Kampala, Uganda.

Document Management System for National Defence Academy, Pune

Luminous Infoways is engaged for providing services for Multimedia aided archiving of historical data with Document Management System (DMS). This includes scanning and digitization of various publication/magazines/training calendars etc. The documents include e-dossiers, videos, photos, publications/magazines, /Trg Calendars published from time to time. The system has the feature of indexing the scanned documents in folders & subfolders based on the nature of the document and the context. This is done by unique document identifiers for easy data management and retrieval of documents as and when required. Data is being retrieved through search criteria like document location, names, contents, and metadata.

e-Blood Bank

A Mobile-based end to end Blood Bank Management System that ensures safety, accessibility, and proper availability of blood along with effective management of camps and bloodstock maintenance. The Blood bank Management Information System is an integrated Automation system which includes the acquisition, validation, storage and distribution of blood. Live data and information regarding blood donation and transfusion service are maintained electronically ensuring security. With the implementation of this system, the availability of blood can be tracked easily.

e-Swasthya Nirman

e-Swasthya Nirman is an online system developed for National Rural Health Mission, Government of Odisha. It is a web-enabled system, developed to track and trace the physical and financial progress of all construction activities undertaken by respective ZSS (Zilla Swasthya Samiti) under NRHM and state budget. This online application will integrate all activities of construction i.e. forecasting, tender processing, work execution, monitoring of financial utilization, user tracking, allotments etc.

School Monitoring System for Odisha Model Tribal Education Society

Luminous Infoways has developed and implemented a Web-based Monitoring Application for the Schools and Hostels under SSD Department to track the availability of necessary infrastructural facilities like library, laboratory, basic amenities, playground etc. for which the Government has provided the requisite fund. This software aims at monitoring the attendance of students with uniform and books along with the availability of teachers for each subject. It also tracks providing necessary guidance to students and the standard of students per subject wise.

Web portal for Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM), Skill Development, NIELIT

Luminous Infoways has undertaken the task for design & development of ESDM portal, Government of India for the Department of IT. The main objective of developing the software was to have complete information about the registration of the students for the various courses to be conducted under the scheme. The website has a complete placement portal which will help the students to avail the facilitates provided in the website along with the provision for further integration with the ESSCI and TSSC. Website of Office of the Registrar General of India (ORGI) The Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is responsible for conducting the decennial Census. ORGI has an extensive web portal which carries a lot of information, in the text, statistical, graphical and map forms, related to Census, Social Studied and other activities of ORGI. Luminous Infoways is empanelled for the designing, re-development, and maintenance of the web portal and monitoring applications of various projects implemented by the ORGI. The portal has facilities to provide delivery of data across platforms i.e. Web portal, SMS & Mobile. The bilingual portal is developed with Content Management System, Digital Library, Shopping Cart and Mobile applications.

Automation of the Finance Department at Tripura University

Tripura University is a Central University providing post-graduate courses in sixteen subjects while the various Departments, Directorates, and Centres within it provide 38-degree courses. The objective envisages to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in the state in areas of contemporary relevance to the society and the country but to make special provisions for studies in tribal life and culture. The application software is meant for the complete automation of its Finance branch. The software meets the entire requirement with respect to payroll and accounting segment of the University. The software generates salary bill of all employees working under Tripura University. All educations /allowances like TDS, GPF, GSLI, LICI, quarter rent is managed dynamically. The software also manages the Receipts and Payments Accounts, Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance sheets.

Nano e-blood bank of BSACS

The Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS) is responsible for implementing the centrally sponsored National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) in the State of Bihar. The website is dynamic in nature with a CMS (Content Management System). The scope includes the development of project-based monitoring software, internal and external links, online Forms, search facilities, sitemaps and any dynamic such as Graphic Design Support, Catalog Management, Advertisement, Email Campaigns, and Newsletters Management.

Web Portal for Chief Minister of Jharkhand

The Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS) is responsible for implementing the centrally sponsored National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) in the State of Bihar. The website is dynamic in nature with a CMS (Content Management System). The scope includes the development of project-based monitoring software, internal and external links, online Forms, search facilities, sitemaps and any dynamic such as Graphic Design Support, Catalog Management, Advertisement, Email Campaigns, and Newsletters Management.

Web-based Malaria Information System based on GIS outputs

The objective of the web based Malaria Information system is to plan policy level inputs from the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) for the prevention and eradication of malaria in the state of Odisha. It’s a complete dynamic system that provides the status of malaria in the district, block and sub-center levels.

Web GIS Urban Health Database System and Geographical Information Display System

A highly innovative and user-friendly web application to locate health care unit information like the location of the health unit, facilities available, activities are undertaken by the health care unit-distance from the center of the city, etc. This application has bagged the IT Award 2009 from CII and the Government of Odisha.

Official website of Housing and Urban Development Department

The Housing & Urban Development Department, Government of Orissa, is the nodal Department for ensuring proper, planned growth of cities and towns with adequate infrastructure along with basic amenities. The website has been developed with a view of promoting the developmental activities undertaking by the Department. It highlights the formation of the Department’s activities, budget, elected representatives, new developmental initiatives, gazette, notifications, and other important information.

Standardisation of District Portal -NeGP Project

The district is the middle-level administrative unit that administers various plans, schemes, policies of the Government and provides various services to the citizens. A standardized district portal framework across the country is being put in place, which is citizen-centric, disseminates information about district and sub-district level with Orissa as a pilot State. It acts as a single-window platform for all categories of information satisfying G2C, G2B, G2E, and G2G services. The standardization of the district portal initiative is based on the content architecture of the National Portal of India (india.gov.in), a mission mode project of the Government of India, under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). Presently all the 30 districts of Orissa are covered in this project.

Odisha State Road Projects

Orissa State Road Project (O.S.R.P) is a World Bank Funded Project implemented by the Works Department (OWD) of GOO. Luminous Infoways is engaged in onsite maintenance and management of RTI- centric website of Orissa State Roads Project. It showcases the detailed activities of the O.S.R.P tenders, disclosures, the status of packages, photo gallery, RTI and other important links. The dynamic module has been included the Complaint handling system through which the C.E. World Bank Projects will enable tracking of each and every complaint related to roads.

Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Services

Luminous Infoways has designed and developed the website along with a Web-based MIS system for Directorate of Prison & Correctional Services. The website highlights the overall activities, programmes, achievements, staff position and other relevant information about the Directorate. The web-based MIS system has been named as “Prison Management System”. The system is developed with an objective to manage the overall activities related to the Prison. From the entry of a prisoner to tracking all prison-related activities, this system generates numerous reports in knowing statistical data and current status of all aspects of the prison. The system has been implemented in the Directorate and Bhubaneswar Special Jail. Luminous Infoways is providing training, implementation and handholding support to the Directorate and other jails.

National Portal of India

The National Portal of India has been developed as a Mission Mode Project under the National E-Governance Plan (NEGP) of the Government of India. The objective behind the Portal is to provide single window access to the information and services being provided by the Indian Government. This is the official web portal of Government of India. Luminous Infoways being the content service provider liaison with Government Departments, Directorates, Corporations, and Bodies. The Company identifies the State-specific content to be contributed, research and source the content, develop, compile and package the documents. The Arunachal Pradesh State content is reviewed and monitored on NPI through a unique Content Management System.

State Portal of Arunachal Pradesh

This is the Official web portal of Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Luminous Infoways is officially engaged as the Content Service Provider for the State portal. The web portal provides a bouquet of information about the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The citizen can get a fair knowledge about the geography, demography, fairs & festivals, cultures, the administrative structure, tourism etc. The portal also acts as single window access for getting information about various acts and rules, schemes, public documents, events, announcements and services etc offered by various departments of the State.

Official Website of National Rural Health Mission

National Rural health mission (NRHM) is the prime body of Government of India, to build strategy and implement Maternity and child care programmes in the state. The website gives a clear picture of its schemes, programme, circular, initiatives, Associate Organization details etc. The website is completely dynamic, maintained and updated by a very user-friendly control panel. This web portal gives citizen-centric services such as Web GIS of its medical institutions.

Odisha Information Commissions Internet-Filing System

Luminous Infoways has designed and developed a new initiative of an e-Filing system for Orissa Information Commission through which citizens can lodge complaint/appeal on the internet from anywhere in the world. The State Commission can now receive online complaints in plain paper and second appeal in form ‘E’, on its website www.orissasoochanacommission.nic.in. All the registered complaints and appeals receive a system generated case registration number (CRN) which can be used by the Complainant or the Appellant to directly check the status of his/her complaint/appeal petition on the State Commission website. Besides, the PIO of Orissa Information Commission can also now receive online application for information in form ‘A’ and the First Appellate Authority can receive an appeal in Form.

Ports & Inland Water Transport, Government of Odisha

The Directorate of Ports and Inland Water Transport headquartered at Bhubaneswar has been formed under the administrative control of Commerce & Transport (Com) Department for better management of Port Sector and Inland Water Transport Mechanism. Luminous Infoways has undertaken the work for the development and implementation of Web Portal and Web Applications. The web portal is comprised of both static and dynamic components in conformity with the Content Management Framework.

Sports & Youth Department, Government of Odisha

Sports & Youth Services Department, Government of Odisha stands dedicated in its relentless pursuit of excellence in Sports and Games as well as the promotion of Youth activities. Luminous Infoways has undertaken work for the design, development, and maintenance of website of the Department.

Central Railside Warehouse Management System (CRWMS)

To secure sustained growth in providing logistics support by integrating rail/Road movement, warehousing and value-added services are the key roles to play. to provide a seamless end to end workflow system under a unified single stop solution an ODOO based ERP System along with Tally has been developed by Luminous Infoways. The CRWMS application is scalable, user-friendly & transparent to all the users and departments.