E-Blood Bank


e-Blood Bank is an integrated blood bank automation system which inter-connects all the blood banks of the State into a single network. It manages all activities starting from blood collection to issue of blood units to patients. The system also keeps record on voluntary donors, replacement donors etc with alerts and acknowledgement mechanism for donors and blood bank users. This is an effective management tool for both individual blood banks and banks managed by government by interconnecting all into a single network. Citizens can get the stock availability status through integrated SMS & IVRS facility. The e-blood bank system is recommended by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India through D.O.No.2.18015/09/14-H-NHM-II & Z.18015/14/2014-H dtd.30.03.2015 & 10.05.2015 respectively. The e-Blood Bank system in Odisha has also been acknowledged by the Ministry. The system is also shortlisted to be enlisted in National Cloud by DEiTY, Govt. of India.

Key Features

  • Blood Collection (New Donor Registration, Donor Questionnaires, Physical Test, Empty Blood Bag Issue, Verification & Collection, Blood Testing, Adding Blood to Stock, Component Separation)
  • Blood Issue(Issue Register Management, Patient Blood Grouping & Cross Matching, Issue Blood Bag)
  • Inventory/Asset Management
  • Stock Management
  • Camp Management
  • Blood Transfer Management
  • Bio-waste Management
  • Blood Bank License Renewal Management
  • User Administration & Security Management

Other Modules

  • Bio-Metric device integration to identify professional / permanently unfit donor
  • Eliza Reader integration for Eliza test automation
  • Donor relationship management to retain regular blood donors and create new donors which will lead to increase in blood collection
  • System generated e-donor card for reference
  • Android mobile app for onsite camp information updation
  • Offline module development for offline data entry in case of no internet connectivity.


  • Enhance the quality process of transfusion services
  • Improved donor management module to create new donors and retain regular donors
  • Effective inventory control of blood product and consumables
  • Automatic deferrals of donor
  • Tracking blood unit detail at transfusion point
  • Systematization of Thalassemia/ regular blood seeker patient records
  • Real time Inventory control and flexibility to issue consumables on FIFO
  • Citizen can avail real time group wise blood stock status through web/SMS/IVRS
  • Donor record available during emergency blood requirement
  • Emphasizes human resource utilization
  • Interchange of stored units between blood banks during emergencies

Success Stories: The application has been successfully implemented in Odisha (56 govt. & private blood banks), Assam (26 district hospital blood banks), Meghalaya (6 blood banks) and Bihar (68 blood banks)

Applicable Sectors: It is applicable for individual blood banks, RED CROSS Society, Health Departments in various states etc.