VAT Automation System (VATA)


The open-source technology-based VAT Allied Taxes & Excise application is an all-encompassing solution designed for end-to-end processes for all stakeholders, including VAT and state officers. Dealers undergo registration via the portal and proceed to complete the return, payment, MPB, and SFCS.

Dealer registered for VAT/CST/PGT/CGCR through the application. After the successful Registration a TIN number is generated. Subsequently the registered Dealers fills the Return Forms which need to be submitted monthly/quarterly/yearly. The return the payment will be done from treasury and e-wallet.

  • VAT
  • CST
  • CGCR
  • Amendment
  • Conversion 14(2) to 14(1)
  • Suo-Moto Registration & Cancellation
  • Cancellation
  • Suspension
  • Treasury
  • All Returns to be submitted Monthly/Quarterly/Annually
  • Form 26, 26A
  • Quarter Clearance
  • E-CST Cancellation
  • User & Role Management
  • Audit Trail Management
  • All MIS Reports
  • Dashboard for all Stakeholders
Our Clients

Department of State Taxes & Excise (Govt. of Himachal Pradesh)