CRM Solution

Solution Overview

Sugar CRM (customer relations management) is a web & mobile based management tool that facilitates to combine all the business activities which relates with customer to bring at one common platform. CRM functionality includes sales force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, and reporting.CRM helps to build up customer relationship by maintaining details customer database. It monitors, record and facilitate the interactions of the organization’s sales, marketing and support departments in a single location.


  • Opportunities: The administrator can define and set the sales stage depending upon the requirements in the organization.
  • Contacts: Contact records are related to an account record, and multiple contacts may be associated to a single account.
  • Accounts: An Account will contain the customer information such as name and address. Each Account will be associated with other records such as Opportunities and Contacts.
  • Documents: ¬†Documents module will allow the users to access and update company-specific files i.e. sales and marketing collaterals.
  • Call: This module can be used to schedule and manage call
  • Meeting: This can be used to schedule ,view and manage meetings
  • Calendar: This module can be used to schedule meetings, calls and tasks
  • Leads: Leads module will help to store the information of the potential customer
  • Tender: Tender module will store the information of the individual tender
  • Campaigns: Campaigns¬†module can be used for creating, launching and managing marketing campaigns.
  • Projects: This module will be used for create and manage projects

Benefits :

  • Captures leads directly into CRM system
  • Focus Attention on Most profitable Leads
  • Increase employee Productivity
  • Shorten Sales cycle
  • Integrate with other Business system
  • Reduce gaps in your sales and customer service processes
  • Opportunities can be transferred to new salesperson