Meeting Management

Solution Briefing

LIPL-Meeting Management System is an end-to-end solution built in a mode that configures the entire meeting architecture and decision tracking mechanism to look in a top-to-bottom approach. Meeting Management System is an intelligent web based solution to schedule meetings, track compliances of action plans & key decisions, with integrated auto-alert mechanism for users to acknowledge, escalate issues and also track accountability for better decision making.
Meeting Tracker solution will contain the entire meeting management process starting from pre scheduling of meeting, preparation of agendas, managing meeting members’ information, keeping records of minutes along with the action plans with respect to the concerned stakeholders and deadline for the assignments to comply the key decisions taken by the stakeholders. The Head user / Administrator can avail all minutes of meeting and related compliances by concern accountable persons.

Solution Features :

  • Pre- Meeting
  • Post Meeting
  • Access Anywhere
  • Instant Distribution
  • Cross Platform
  • Export
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Dashboard
  • MIS Reports / Analytics
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • End to End Meeting Management
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Transparency On Meetings
  • Auto Alerts: SMS & Gmail.
  • Agenda Fulfillment
  • Tracks Ownership & Accountability of meeting decisions
  • Contacts, Calendar & Meetings
  • Powerful Agenda Module
  • Task Management System
  • Minutes Approval Process

Solution Benefits :

  • Complete meeting scheduling with respect to date, time, venue and participants
  • Integrated with calendar, so that the date, time & venue details of the meeting can be viewed by all participants online
  • Meeting Invitations can be Sent / Receive through integrated e-mail facility
  • Compliances by Meeting, Projects, Department & Schemes
  • Customized & Dynamic Dashboards for complete overview & immediate analysis of users
  • Intimation, Escalation & Alerts (Through SMS & E-mail)
  • Track Accountability of tasks along with concerned Authority
  • Systematization of meeting compliances in an organized & structured manner as meetings & its results are in scattered way

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