Prison Management Information System

Prison Management Information System (PMIS) is an integrated end to end web based application  from entering of prisoner to exist this is also managed  huge amounts of persistent data related to prison from several stations that are geographically spread across the country and accessed by hundreds of users from these stations.

PMIS design includes a standard set of ‘out of the box’ operational and management reports. For example: Court Lists, Custody List (inmate location), Inmate Census Report, Keep Separate List, Property Transaction Report, Transfer Schedule Report.

Features :

  • Application can integrate and ensure compatibility with other systems in the Justice Information Management System (JIMS).
  • The system would efficiently exchange appropriate data between justice agencies.
  • An unified numbering system is assigned to  exchange data.
  • Each case/offender will have a unique number for accurate identification across the criminal justice system.
  • Better and efficient tracking of case files and their contents over time, across institutions and transparently to those with legitimate interest in their administration and outcome.