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Make My Report 


Make My Report is a web-based application and also a quick & easy tool to create & compile dynamic reports, which can import data from multiple sources as per the business requirement by connecting to their desired offices, contacts, partners in a web based environment. It can be integrated with the existing intranet of the organization for streamlining of the reporting structure of the Organization.


  • Inter & Intranet connectivity of all branch offices..
  • Head Office/Designated officer can create a requisite format for seeking information/data
  • Concerned Offices/ Works can forward the information through mobile/web /Excel.
  • Generation of Data Base with data analytics facility
  • Defaulters on report submission are visible with flagging
  • Data archive can also be maintained in desired format.
  • Top/middle management has an access to the grass-root level information.
  • Periodically updating ,diversification & modifications
  • Economical, faster & time saver
  • Open to integration with the existing system
  • Mobile App facility



  • Data Collection from different sources made easy
  • Data Visualization grows
  • Increase the performance of the organization in decision support
  • Increases the efficiency of the team member
  • Bring transparency of the team effort