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Strategic Management 

Implementation is a process of technical specification or algorithm as a program, software component, or other computer system through computer programming and deployment. To implement a system successfully, a large number of inter-related tasks need to be carried out in an appropriate sequence. Utilizing a well-proven implementation methodology and enlisting professional advice can help but often it is the number of tasks, poor planning and inadequate resourcing that causes problems with an implementation project, rather than any of the tasks being particularly difficult. Similarly with the cultural issues it is often the lack of adequate consultation and two-way communication that inhibits achievement of the desired results.

Operationalization is a process of defining the measurement of a phenomenon that is not directly measurable, though its existence is indicated by other phenomena. Operationalization is thus the process of defining a fuzzy concept so as to make it clearly distinguishable, measurable, and understandable in terms of empirical observations. In a wider sense, it refers to the process of specifying the extension of a concept describing what is and is not an instance of that concept. When it comes to operationalization Luminous Infoways has a long history spanning from e-blood bank, e-hospital, etc.

Luminous Infoways have implemented hundreds of application across the nation to name a few among them are RTICMM, e-blood bank, Mamata, e-Nirman, and many more.