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Product Intro

Program Tracker is an excellent web based ICT tool for monitoring the progress (both financial and physical) of a project/ program/ scheme/ CSR activities. This is an activity based project/ program/ scheme monitoring system, where any Organization will be able to handle & monitor its work components by creating activities, sub activities & sub-sub activities and assign to different users spread throughout the State, district & block level. Program Tracker’s reports provide a clear picture and clear scenario at the grass root level progress and also on the completed work.

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1. Monitor various programs, projects, CSR activities, event & assignments meant for the Government, Non-Government Organizations, Civil Societies, International NGOs, Donor Agencies, UN Agencies etc

2. Keeps the funding details like name of the funding source, pattern of funding, funding amount etc

3. The application has facilities of creating multiple projects with a timeline like Proposed, Revised timeline, projects can be assigned to a particular department/ organization/ agency for execution

4. Each Project can further be sub divided into number of activities with Unit Value (i.e. Physical Parameter) and each activity can be segregated into number of sub activities and sub-sub activities. In activity level fund can be released on requirement basis

5. Implementing Agencies can update their monthly, quarterly work progress against the assigned work component by specifying the details of sub activities; it’s both physical and financial progress

6. The project admin has the authority to close the sub activity and activities those are completed as per actual

7. The administrators can monitor the progress of a project and work done by users by generating various report i.e,
a. Monitoring & Evaluation Report
b. Project Expenditure Report
c. Physical & Financial Graphical Report
d. Project Profile Report
e. Quarterly Progress of Project
f. Plan Outlay for current Financial year
8. Physical & Financial Progress of the project/ scheme/ programs can be monitored/ viewed by every level of officials

9. Track physical & financial achievement against the planned target set by implementing organization or administrative organization

10. Application has the provision of tracking cost escalation & time overrun of project/ program/ scheme