Project Monitoring

Product Intro


The GovernmenUCorporate face major challenges to track the progress of infrastructure development at construction site situated at several locations. As the project sites are spread out in multiple location and respective Corporate have their own polices for executing the construction projects, it is too difficult to manage the procedures manually. To overcome these existing challenges IOMS has been developed to maintain the procedure in an effective and efficient manner. The IOMS will ensure project monitoring starting from the budgetary allocation, allotment of funds, calling of tenders, award of contracts, progress of work and expenditure thereon. This system will also be able to monitor progress of works both physical and financial, head-wise, monthly, quarterly and on yearly basis.

  • 1. An integrated online project monitoring system to monitor the physical and financial progress of works spread out in remotely.
  • 2. Highly beneficial for both Corporate & Govt. Sector.
  • 3. Finger tip access and monitoring of physical & financial progress of the projects funning across the globe.
  • 4. Least possible usage of resources & infrastructure
  • 5. Detailed & analytical financial report with financial heads & sub heads
  • 6. Alert mechanism through e-mail and SMS.
  • 7. Customized dynamic reports with enhanced decision making
  • 8. Generation of consolidated reports
  • 9. Various MIS reports and graphical analytics can be generated from the system
  • 1. Easy tracking access at levels.
  • 2. Management of project wise physical work progress and financial expenditure
  • 3. PMS provides the scope to generate consolidated reports.
  • 4. State level user can centrally manage the user. ยท
  • 5. Auto alert system for the users though e-mail and SMS